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This magazine cover made me laugh.

Turn your handwriting into a font!!! Is this ME or what?  (Thanks, Lizzie!)

Piperlime is having a huge sale - I got a code in the mail for 40% off that I can use 5 times... I think this means the end might be near. Sad.

The Foodnited States of America.  South Dacocoa Puffs might be my favorite.

This is crazy / CREEPY.

Pete and I checked out Bar Pastoral last Friday. Meat and cheese... yum and yum! Definitely want to go back and shop at their store.

Tomorrow is what some people call the craziest day of the year in Chicago - the city celebrates St. Patrick's Day! Definitely gone are the days of waking up at 7 a.m. for boozy breakfast before bar hopping on Division... but I will probably have a green beer or two :)



Read & a recipe.

I have tennis most Monday nights and so I don't get home until about 8:15 p.m. That makes for a quick turnaround for dinner (don't want to eat too late!), so lately I have been doing some sort of egg concoction to keep it simple. (Remember my quiche?)

I pulled out my Fresh & Easy cookbook and saw a recipe for a bacon, asparagus and cherry tomato frittata in the breakfast section but figured it would be just as good for dinner. I subbed the bacon for our favorite spicy turkey sausage. The recipe called for 8 eggs, but I opted for 4 eggs and 2 egg whites. It definitely was less egg-y than the photo in the cookbook, but I sorta liked it that way.

{This was the photo from the cookbook.}


{Cooked the spicy turkey sausage, then the asparagus. Added the sausage back into the pan before adding the eggs. Cooked the eggs for about seven minutes and then added the cherry tomatoes and a few dollops of pesto. Into the broiler for four minutes and done!}

{Sprinkled with a little salt and pepper and a tiny bit of olive oil before serving.}

I loved the pesto in here. Definitely a great way to spice up an egg dish.



Read & Friday links.

An interesting article on text punctuation...

Major Shopbop sale going on (duh). Really liking stripes: this and this.

Mmm a delicious low-carb option? Cauliflower cheese.

Recently started following / reading Hello Fashion. Loving this casual look.

Happy weekend!



Read & a recipe.

Yum yum yum! I made a really good ginger sesame chicken salad on Tuesday night. Totally switched it up from what I normally do in the kitchen and I loved it. I originally saw this photo and it looked so fresh and yummy that I knew I had to try it. Grilled ginger-sesame chicken chopped salad (recipe here).

{The marinade/dressing really makes this salad. Soy sauce, ginger, canola oil, hoisin sauce, sesame oil, sriracha - I added more than the recipe called for obviously, green onions and red wine vinegar made an amazing combination.}

{So vibrant! I skipped the almonds.}

{I marinated the chicken in the fridge for about 30 minutes and let the dressing soak on the veggies for about the same amount of time.}

Two things I would do differently next time: One,  I would chop the cabbage a little thinner. Pete and I both ended up having some large pieces that were just a tad too big. Two, I would double the recipe to have plenty of leftovers for lunch at work :)



Read & Friday links.

Frank Underwolf... dead on.

This is a random website I stumbled upon, but some of these prints are really cute - thinking of spring!!

Bruschetta bar is such a fun idea.

This story is cray. I mean I'd spend $2,000 a month on stationery, but... HA JK!!

Happy weekend!



Read & a recipe.

I was on the hunt for recipe that would be easy for Pete to reheat for nights that I am not home for dinner (Book Club, field hockey practice, etc.) or nights when I just don't have as much time to cook after work / working out / whatever. I haven't made a quiche in forever and decided it would be perfect to have on-hand for nights like these (plus, sounded really yummy to bring a sliver to work for lunch).

I based it off this recipe, but substituted spinach for the parsley and used puff pastry dough instead of pre-made crust (I find that a little too crumbly).

{Into the oven at 375 degrees for 40 minutes.}

{Onion, spinach and gruyere quiche.}

Served with a simple side salad, perfect weeknight dinner.



Rad & Friday links.

LOVE Mara Hoffman new arrivals.

OMG Pete and I should totally start working out together like this.

Cute work dress. (If I ever wear anything besides black pants and a sweater ever again...)

There's something about this winter (the bitter cold!) that is making my skin sooo ehhhh. I booked an appointment for a facial for next week and cannot wait - apparently The Langham is supposed to be amaaaaazing.

Countdown to FLORIDA - officially ONE month!

Busy busy weekend! Dinner and a party tonight, working a school event and drinks at Soho House with friends tomorrow night, Jen's birthday brunch on Sunday and hopefully seeing American Sniper (and fit in The Oscars!) to cap off the weekend!

Happy Fri!

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