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This is so hard to look at, yet I couldn't stop…

Good to know.

I made the most amazing swordfish this week: Ina's Indonesian Grilled Swordfish (recipe here). It didn't really photograph well (hence, no post), but was SO easy and SO delicious.

After Mackenzie introduced me to The Classy Cubicle on Monday, I can't stop looking at her work outfits. She honestly inspired me this week to think a little bit more when I am getting dressed for work. After our UGH winter, when I basically wore black pants (almost always these), a sweater (this one was in the rotation quite a bit), and flats or sometimes wedges (if I was feeling crazy!) to work, it is really time to change things up. 

Off to Denison this weekend to cheer on my sister Whit at her lacrosse game. Go Big Red!!



Read & a recipe.

I found this recipe on Pinterest because I decided our Monday night salmon needed a little spicing up (literally).

{Spices: paprika, cumin, onion powder, salt, pepper.}

{Marinated with a bit of olive oil for a few hours in the fridge.}

{Avocado, red onion, cilantro, salt.}

 {Baked the salmon at 450 degrees for 15 minutes.}

The spices made the top a little crispy which I really liked - and with the chilled avocado salsa right on top - YUM. Pete asked if we could bring this into the salmon rotation again... it's a hit!



Read & a recipe.

I would make Thursday night's dinner again just based on how amazing our apartment smelled as I was cooking! I made rosemary chicken with arugula and white beans (using this recipe), and seriously the smell of the rosemary cooking was so so good. I also feel like I hadn't had white beans in a while - and I love them - so the side salad was perfect last week.

{Marinated in the fridge for an hour.}

The chicken got a little crispy - I think because I used half white wine vinegar and half balsamic vinegar since I didn't have red wine vinegar on hand. I think the balsamic did that. Still good!

Happy Monday.



Read & Friday links.

The Brave Little Toaster Filter.

Hmm, this quiz was interesting after my post this week.

Which Olsen twin are you? Naturally, I got Mary-Kate. (She's the sporty one, duh.)

The cat in #2 definitely died.

Off to Nashville for my good friend Megan's bachelorette weekend tomorrow morning! Excited to whip out my cowboy boots and celebrate Megan!



Read & a recipe.

Sometimes you need a little salad inspiration. At times like these, I like to head over to Real Simple. Even if I don't follow a recipe exactly, I feel like they make it easy to mix it up and swap things in and out.

Last night's dinner was the perfect example. I used this recipe as a template, but substituted salmon for the halibut. I also baked the fish instead of cooking in a skillet.

{Easy ingredients.}

The dressing was great - olive oil, dijon, salt, pepper, cilantro and lemon juice. Perfect with the avocado and fish.

I need to remember this more often - weeknight dinners don't always have to be complicated with lots of steps. Though I love being in the kitchen and trying new recipes, sometimes the simpler the better.



Read & reading.

HA. Great title, right?

I am currently going through this list and working on reading all of the books. I have read 6 / 20 so far ("And the Mountains Echoed," "The Storyteller,""Me Before You," "The Goldfinch,""The Husband's Secret" and "The Interestings") and am now on "The Rosie Project." All have been amazing - my favorite probably being "Me Before You."

I love to read, and lately I have been curious as to how many books I read per year. So, starting in January, I started a list of books I've read in 2014. In addition to the ones I listed above (minus "And the Mountains Echoed" - I actually read that in 2013), I have read "A Natural Woman," (Carole King's memoir) and "One More Thing" by B.J. Novak ("The Office"). So, 7 books total so far. Pretty good list as of April 1st, I think!

What are you reading?



Read & a gallery wall.

Really starting to feel settled over here in our new place!

We got a lot done throughout the week last week, and this past weekend I worked on hanging more paintings, pictures and prints. My favorite project thus far was working on a gallery wall of sorts for the den. I pulled together some of my favorite paintings and prints of Pete and my favorite places.

{I tried a few different arrangements before I ended up with this one.}

{What I was working with.}

{Getting started…}

{Three Michigan, one Florida, one Denison, one Cypress Point, the front of our Save the Date, and a random cute heart.}

With a little measuring and creativity, this was actually very easy. We're still waiting on a frame for a small Master's flag - we'll hang that to the right - but for now, I think it's perfect.

More apartment pics to come (if people are still reading after my random hiatus)!


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