Read & Friday links.

150 Best Bars in America. I've been to 12!

One of my fav pairs of earrings (I have them in blue) - now come in green!

This is my new favorite dress.

Very interesting personality test. (Thanks, Cam!)

My youngest sister, Whit, is graduating tomorrow!!!! End of and era! So excited to be celebrating with my family this weekend. YAY WHIT!!!



Read & a recipe.

Yum! I always love a good variation to our salmon dinners. I made baked lemon salmon with a dill sauce using this recipe and a side of roasted asparagus.

{Marinated the salmon in lemon juice, lemon zest, olive oil, salt and pepper.}

{Baked at 400 degrees for 16 minutes.}

{For the dill sauce, I opted for less mayo and no milk - for some reason that ingredient sort of weirded me out in the sauce - so that's why it's a little ticker.}

Happy Monday!



Read & an impromptu fiesta.

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! Not sure if you read this, but I hope you have the BEST DAY! :)

And now - a quick recipe. My after-work drinks got canceled on Tuesday night, so on my way home I decide to pop into the grocery store to pick up a few things for a little impromptu fiesta with Pete (it was Cinco de Mayo after all!!). I had already decided to make garlic shrimp for dinner (with this recipe), and I feel like it actually worked with the theme because the shrimp could have easily gone into some tortillas to make shrimp tacos! Even though we didn't actually do that...ha.

Anyway, on my way home I grabbed chips, guacamole, super spicy salsa, a few limes and some tequila. Of course I didn't grab anything to actually make margaritas with (mix, etc....), not sure what I was thinking but fortunately Pete brought home several lime options. (We went with the marg mix.)

{So many options!}

{Nice little spread.}


{Pete liked it.}

{Used wayyy less butter than the recipe called for, FYI.}




Read & a recipe.

Back in October, I mentioned that my department's team meetings got switched from the afternoons to the mornings, and I was so happy about the change (def more of a morning person than late afternoon meeting person!) that I was going to bring in breakfast treats from time to time... well, that happened once. Ha!

I had four browning bananas in the kitchen and Cam told me she made yummy banana bread last week, so I was inspired. Since I rarely bake, I decided to pick a simple recipe - FOOD & WINE's Old Fashioned Banana bread (recipe here, minus the powdered sugar).

After 50 minutes in the 350 degree oven, the loaves both still had a really gooey center. I decided to leave them in for an extra 10 minutes - and wish I had gone with just 5. The bigger loaf (the one I ended up bringing to work) is moist, but the smaller one (for us at home, sorry Pete!) is a bit dry.

Overall, though, it was nice to have a little treat for breakfast and to switch it up from my normal yogurt.



Read & Friday links.

Happy MAY! Excited for Green City Market to start tomorrow!

Tomorrow is also Chicago Children's Charities Derby Party! Always a blast.

Looks like I'll be tuning in to Nickelodeon more often...

This recipe is right up my alley.

I'm such a font lover (I actually made my sisters watch "Helvetica" with me a few years ago) - so this was interesting to me.

Happy Friday!



Read & Friday links.

I always love reading behind the scenes Disney secrets.

SoulCycle just opened up in Old Town and I am trying my first class next week! There is a Taylor Swift vs. Calvin Harris class on May 4 that I should probably also sign up for...

Went into Banana for the first time in a looong time this week. Really love their shoes right now!

Have you bought your Derby Party ticket yet? One week countdown!

Heading home this morning and to Denison tomorrow for my sister Whit's last (!!!) home lacrosse game! GO BIG RED!!



Read & a recipe.

YUM. Made a delicious antipasto salad on Monday night. With a green olive tapenade, mozzarella balls, castelvetrano olives, salami and an oregano-red wine vinegar dressing, it was a great salad to start off the week.


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