Read & Friday links.

Frank Underwolf... dead on.

This is a random website I stumbled upon, but some of these prints are really cute - thinking of spring!!

Bruschetta bar is such a fun idea.

This story is cray. I mean I'd spend $2,000 a month on stationery, but... HA JK!!

Happy weekend!



Read & a recipe.

I was on the hunt for recipe that would be easy for Pete to reheat for nights that I am not home for dinner (Book Club, field hockey practice, etc.) or nights when I just don't have as much time to cook after work / working out / whatever. I haven't made a quiche in forever and decided it would be perfect to have on-hand for nights like these (plus, sounded really yummy to bring a sliver to work for lunch).

I based it off this recipe, but substituted spinach for the parsley and used puff pastry dough instead of pre-made crust (I find that a little too crumbly).

{Into the oven at 375 degrees for 40 minutes.}

{Onion, spinach and gruyere quiche.}

Served with a simple side salad, perfect weeknight dinner.



Rad & Friday links.

LOVE Mara Hoffman new arrivals.

OMG Pete and I should totally start working out together like this.

Cute work dress. (If I ever wear anything besides black pants and a sweater ever again...)

There's something about this winter (the bitter cold!) that is making my skin sooo ehhhh. I booked an appointment for a facial for next week and cannot wait - apparently The Langham is supposed to be amaaaaazing.

Countdown to FLORIDA - officially ONE month!

Busy busy weekend! Dinner and a party tonight, working a school event and drinks at Soho House with friends tomorrow night, Jen's birthday brunch on Sunday and hopefully seeing American Sniper (and fit in The Oscars!) to cap off the weekend!

Happy Fri!



Read & Friday links.

I had the worst night sleep on Monday night. I actually tried this trick later in the week and it worked! Not saying I passed out as soon as the counting was finished, but I definitely felt more relaxed and therefore was able to get back to bed.

Smart toast for sandwiches trick. Makes me want a BLT stat.

Which Taylor Swift single are you? (No, my Taylor obsession will never fade.)

After reading Taylor's (another Taylor...) post, I started thinking about how cute it would be to have a vanity in the bedroom. Then I started scouring Wayfair to see if anything could work in our space. What is it about right now that makes me want to update parts of our place? Early spring cleaning perhaps?? I has been almost one year since we moved in... hmm.

Low key weekend this weekend - which is just what I'd like! Venturing up to Hopleaf tomorrow night for dinner. LOVE that place and haven't been in forever. Bring on the frites.



Read & a recipe.

Ever since I went to Dove's with Abby, Howie and McG on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (we all had it off), I have been thinking about their avocado toast. It was sooo good. And, for $1 you can add a fried egg to anything on their menu, so naturally I ordered it on top.

I recreated a version of avo toast last night and it was delish.

{Toast, smear of goat cheese, tomato, avocado with lime, red onion, salt and pepper, red pepper flakes.}

{With an egg right on top.}



Read & life lately.

A few snippets of life lately...

{Awesome beignets from Cafe Du Monde while at a conference for work in New Orleans. Ate the whole plate, naturally.}

{Cabbin to date night at the new White Oak in Lincoln Park.}

{A few home updates: I've been obsessed with this Lulu & Georgia rug for months and now love it layered in our living room.}


{Framed this awesome print from Pete's brother John and added it to our gallery wall in the second bedroom.}

{The best weekend with my parents, Linds and Li!!! Frozen on Ice!!!}

{Strolling with Uncle Pete on Southport.}




Read & Friday links.

Loving this home tour I saw on Mackenzie's blog.

Would you try this? (Thanks Cal!)

My boss was rocking Zella leggings this week. They looked so cute and comfy. Trying to figure out which ones she was wearing... might need to awkwardly ask.

Yum, a new spin on cauliflower.

I was surprised to hear that Piperlime is shutting down. Hopefully they'll be having a biggg sale in the near future!

And this is the best thing I read all week. I've always had a place in my heart for D.W. (Thanks Cam!)

Such a fun weekend planned - my parents, sister Lindsey and niece Lilah are coming in town tonight!! Lots on the agenda, starting with cooking at home tonight from my new Ina cookbook, a show, Southport Grocery and Topo Gigio tomorrow and capping off the weekend on Sunday at Frozen on Ice!

Happy happy weekend!


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