Read & Friday links.

How good do these recipes look? Definitely going to try this one soon. (Thanks for sending, Mom!)

I recently had some of my photographs framed using art.com... really easy to use and love how they turned out.

Speaking of which... been loving following Mackenzie's One Room Challenge.

Picked up these little pumpkins this week... cuties:

Happy Friday!



Read & a recipe.

It's chili season!

We're having a little fall get-together in a few weekends and I know I want to serve chili. I've decided Pete and I will try a few different recipes in the next two weeks to see which is our favorite. First up: Food & Wine's Cumin Chili. I used ground turkey instead of ground beef to make it a little healthier. I also added cannellini beans because I love them.

{Ground turkey, green bell pepper, onion, garlic, kidney beans, cannellini beans, whole tomatoes, tomato paste, cumin, dried oregano, salt and pepper.}

{Topped with cheese and a dollop of sour cream.}

We ended up adding red pepper flakes since we thought it needed a bit more of a kick. Overall though, I really liked this recipe and of course it was super easy - basically just throw everything in the pot and let it simmer!

I think I'll find a new white chili to try out next.



Read & Friday links.

Right now my Christmas list consists solely of new arrivals from J.Crew... (25% off with TGIFALL - duh).

So happy Bailey is back and updating us on her new projects!

Hayley sent me this link last week... look at all these amazing kale salad ideas - YUM.

Road tripping with Carter to Ohio tomorrow morning to play in our alumni field hockey game!!! If this video doesn't pump you up, I don't know what will.





Read & life lately.

A few snippets...

{Celebrating a Wildcats win in our amazing new sweaters.}

{Celebrating Abby at Perennial...}

{And Howie at Stella Barra!}

{Wedding shenans.}

{Rainy Saturday morning at City Grounds in Lincoln Park. Love their outdoor fire.}



Read & another wine night.

On Friday night I had a few of my girls over for one of my favorite Friday "traditions" - wine night. Everyone brings either an app or a bottle, and this Friday we had something extra special to celebrate - our good friend Hawn is engaged!!

Carter came over a little early to make Ina's whipped feta (a staple at every party) and I put together two additional crostinis - one with sauteed mushrooms and one with a green olive tapenade (using this recipe).

After work glass of wine turned into people leaving at 1 a.m.... sign of a good time I think!

{Portobello and button mushrooms with dried sage, olive oil and a dab of butter.}

{Added a bit of parsley at the end of sauteeing.}

{For the tapenade: castelvetrano olives - my absolute favorite, garlic, parsley, lemon juice, salt, pepper and olive oil.}

{Carter whipping the feta!}

{Obviously a few bottles of champagne to toast Hawn.}



Read & a reading update.

I thought I'd share another reading update since it's been three months since my last one. Though I think my reading pace has slowed over the course of this year (the summer months will do that, I guess), I still try to read as often as possible.

"The Vacationers" - Emma Straub - This was a book club book that I thought I would like more than I did. Definitely a beach read because I feel like nothing really "happened"... still an ok book if you need a break.

"This is Where I Leave You" - Jonathan Tropper - LOVED this. One of the best books I've read this year for sure. Still need to see the movie.

"We Were Liars" - E. Lockhart - About cousins and a friend at their summer house. Easy read. Huge twist. Really liked it.

"What Alice Forgot" - Liane Moriarty - This was a good one. A woman falls off her spin bike and can't remember what has happened for the past ten years (she's had three kids, separated from her husband, ...).

"Big Little Lies" - Liane Moriarty - A murder in the first scene of the book keeps you guessing for a while.

"I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You" - Courtney Maum - The book was interesting, but it was sad! A husband cheats on his wife, gets hung up on his mistress, but then realizes he wants his wife back.

"All The Light We Cannot See" - Anthony Doerr - Amazing. This was our last book club book and I loved it. Two stories of life during WWII intertwined into one.

We just picked "The Lowland" as our next book club book. I am only about 20 pages in, but so far so good!

Happy reading :)



Read & Friday links.

An appropriate article for Wine Night at our place tonight.

New favorite cozy fall top.

Well these are interesting...

Pete and I found the cutest coffee shop tucked just off the street a block away from us... where have we been?? Definitely popping over there tomorrow for a coffee & avocado toast.

Friday night Wine Night! Can't wait for wine, apps and girl talk.

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