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I am into the front tuck.

I love Blake Lively (and her hubby… been a fan since Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place), so I loved watching Vogue's 73 questions with her. (Also check out SJP's version.)

Really liking these prints.

Not into bloody marys (reminds me of ketchup), but I could get behind this michelada recipe - with a little more beer than veggie juice (and extra hot sauce, of course).

Off to Michigan this afternoon!




Read & a recipe.

I was so excited on Monday morning when I realized Pete and I would have three consecutive dinners at home. It has been a WHILE. (Clearly.)

Though I wasn't as creative on Monday and Tuesday (Monday we had leftovers from my sister Lindsey's birthday dinner - more on that later! - and Tuesday whipped up an oldie but goodie last seen here), last night I made a really good lentil salad (using this recipe). I was going to serve it with a salmon burger, but the salad was filling enough!


{I re-read the recipe twice to make sure I wasn't supposed to cut up the 
onion, carrot or garlic!}

{Served warm and added a little Parmesan instead of cheddar.}

Happy hump day!



Read & Friday links.


In honor of the last week of school next week.

Some of these are crazy. Roger Sterling and Mona are married in real life!?

I recently bought a curling iron (really sick of my hair right now and even more sick of just straightening it all the time) and I am working on mastering the skill that is curling. This video might help.

My friends and I were at a bar on Wednesday night watching the Blackhawks game (ugh) and a girl came in carrying a dress on a hanger. I thought, that's super random… but also that dress is super cute. I was on Pinterest yesterday and what was the first thing that came up on my feed? The same dress! Hah.

Off to Sea Island this morning to celebrate HALLIE! Woop woop!



Read & Friday links.

Have you read The Fault in Our Stars? So so good. Can't wait for the movie. Anyway, this is the cute/funny way the author asked out his now wife.

This has become my new favorite dress.

Umm the new Biscuit looks amazing. Might need to get a trip to Houston on the calendar ASAP (ahem, Bailey…!)

I am going to my 10 year high school reunion today (eeek!), and I'll have to remember these things when I get on the plane tonight… hate flying.

Can't wait to be home for the weekend!



Read & a recipe.

I was browsing the recipes on Food & Wine and came across F&W's 4-week diet. Ha! I feel like that is too good to be true. A diet plan consisting entirely of Food & Wine recipes?? Anyway, I was clicking through them and found a recipe for salmon tacos (here). Yum! You know my love of salmon and wanting to try new ways to cook it, so this was perfect. I made a few alterations: baked the salmon (per usual) and omitted the orange zest and sugar (just wasn't into it). I also made the apple-cucumber salsa (here, with no red peppers).

The tacos were bomb.

{Granny smith apple, cucumber, red onion, white wine vinegar, a pinch of sugar and salt.}

{Smashed avocado, salsa, lime-mayo.}

{Taco night.}

{Amazing peonies I brought home from a bridal shower this weekend.}

Though I am not sure I would follow F&W's diet plan (honestly I feel like I would gain weight...ha), there are a few other recipes from it I'd like to try:



Read & Friday links.

HAH these business cards are awesome.

As if I couldn't love Willie more. His selfie in the elevator is too good.

10 Fun Facts about my gal Ina!

Lots of fun things going on this weekend… Motown Musical and Chicago Cut tonight for Pete's mom's birthday (definitely going to be singing along to all those jams...), a bridal shower, First Communion party and a friend's 30th at Balena on Saturday… Oh, and GO BIG RED! ! YEAH WHIT!

Happy Friday!



Read & Friday links.

Freaking love Emma Stone (and "Hook").

These GIFs are pretty cool...

Love love this casual dress for spring / summer.

Tomorrow is Chicago Children's Charities Derby Party at Zella! Such a fun party supporting Chicago kids!

Happy MAY.

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