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One of my favorite things to make for a party is something on a little toast or baguette (Ina's whipped feta is an obvious favorite). Toasts are perfect for parties since they are easy to pick up and eat and look good when arranged on a fun platter. :)

On Saturday I decided to try Smitten Kitchen's french onion toasts (from her cookbook). I honestly can't comment on them since I literally did not even have a bite at the party (crazy!) but my friends said they loved them. Ha!

{4 yellow onions, chopped.}

Melt 2 tablespoons of butter with olive oil in a pan and add onions. Cover for about 15-20 minutes until the onions are soft. Stir in a little salt and a pinch of sugar and continue cooking another 15 minutes, uncovered. Then add a cup of broth to the onions and cook for another 10 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Set aside.

{Gruyere cheese.}

{About two cups, shredded.}

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Assemble the toasts by putting a spoonful of the onion mixture on the bread, followed by a heap of the shredded Gruyere.

{Cook for 15 minutes until cheese bubbles.}


I also whipped up two batches of cumin chili (made one a little spicier) and had them simmering on the stove for the party.

Party success!



Read & a recipe.

Saturday was one of those parties where I was chatting so much that I didn't even eat (the same thing happened to Pete)! Good thing I snuck a few bites of the pumpkin chocolate chunk cookies (recipe here) and the spiced pecans (here) while I was cooking...!

{I've made these once before - when my sister Whit came to visit - super easy recipe.}

{I decided to add a little sea salt to some of the cookies. Love a little sweet/salty mix.}

OMG the pecans were bomb. I am definitely going to make these to bring home for Thanksgiving and maybe bring a batch to Pete's family's Christmas!

{Toasted the nuts in my cast iron skillet for about 5 minutes.}

{Added the butter, cumin, cayenne, cinnamon and brown sugar (decided I didn't want to include the orange peel) for another few minutes.}

{Let the nuts cool completely before transferring to serving bowls.}




Read & a fall party.

On Saturday we invited our friends over to celebrate the fall season. Though it was way more like winter out there, we had such a blast - good food, drinks, friends and cheer.

{The spread: meat (from our favorite place, Bari) and cheese plate, french onion toasts via my Smitten Kitchen cookbook and pumpkin chocolate chunk cookies.}

{This guy is amazing. Though people didn't really hang outside, it did make the party feel a little more festive!}

{Spiced pecans - recipe coming soon!}

{Fire master Pete!}


{Gotta love a good selfie. I wore my new favorite boots with the softest Zara sweater.}

Stay tuned for recipes!



Read & Friday links.

Something about fall makes me want to bake - yum and yum.

Interesting fun fact about why it's always 9:41 in iPhone ads.

Loving these navy suede loafers.

As we all know, I love Taylor. She looks amaze here, and check out her singing at age 12!

We're having a little fall (or maybe we should call it winter?) get together this weekend - can't wait to share some snaps (and recipes!) here next week.

Happy weekend!



Read & an amazing weekend (& recipes).

We had the best weekend!!

Lindsey and Lilah got here on Thursday night and I made us yummy grilled cheese with this amazing Ina soup.

When I got home from work on Friday, we had a fun sip n see with friends and then I cooked a delish dinner for me, Linds and Pete: orecchiette with pumpkin sauce (recipe here, minus the hazelnuts). Even whipped out the china for this special occasion :)

{Pasta, mixed greens with Parmesean and garlic expressions - yum.}

{Linds (Wilbear) & Pete.}

Saturday was full of playdates and on Sunday we walked over to Toast for breakfast, followed by fun at Oz Park.

Did not want this weekend to end!!!



Read & Friday links.

I should remember to do a few of these each day.

Eek! Gotta start menu planning for our fall get together next weekend... this would be sorta fun. Also, gingersnaps.

Holly Ball is less than one month away - December 6th!!

Lindsey and Lilah are here this weekend!!!! We're having a "sip n see" of sorts tonight and lots of walks and hanging out this weekend. Yay!



Read & Friday links.

How good do these recipes look? Definitely going to try this one soon. (Thanks for sending, Mom!)

I recently had some of my photographs framed using art.com... really easy to use and love how they turned out.

Speaking of which... been loving following Mackenzie's One Room Challenge.

Picked up these little pumpkins this week... cuties:

Happy Friday!

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