Read & a Tibi dress.

Hoping this dress can make it's way into my closet sometime soon (the CLs and Cavalli...not so much).  Check out my first Polyvore (ha!) work / play in the Tibi.
work / play



Read & a recipe.

I tried my hand at making eggplant parmesan last night (sort of using this recipe) and it was a hit!


{Ready for the oven!}

{Bubbly cheese.}




Read & a list.

I've kept an ongoing list of restaurants I want to try in Chicago since I moved here three and a half years ago.  I have checked a good amount off my list (and a lot of thanks goes to my job and the perks surrounding that) but there are still several on here, and it seems to be ever growing & changing.

Read's Chicago List (in no particular order):




Little Goat




Great Lake Pizza

Any I should add?



Read & Dabney Lee.

Dabney Lee is my go-to for cute home gifts for friends.  Awesome lucite trays, adorable cell phone covers, frames and coasters, it's my one-stop shop for fun presents.


{Small square lucite tray for our Austin hosts!}

{Happy engagement!}



Read & a recipe.

Who doesn't love a good grilled cheese on a Saturday afternoon?


{Crispy goodness.}

{Grilled cheese & tomato.}



Read & The Aviary (sort of).

P and I had a belated V-Day celebration on Friday night - he scored a reservation at The Aviary - so awesome.

The Avs wasn't really a conducive place to take photos, but here is a sneak peek of what I ordered: In the Rocks.

Such a cool experience.

In my mind, this date night called for a new dress.

{Joie Balinda dress.}

{Love the ruffle at the bottom.}



Read & a recipe.

E has been on a meatball-making kick lately, and last night I thought I would take a whack at it.  I've never made meatballs before, and I decided to use this recipe (without the pancetta) - which was very easy.  I paired it with this pasta recipe and it ended up working well.

{Sweating the onions.}

{Swiss chard.}

{Swiss chard / onions / garlic.}

{Baked chicken meatballs.} 

{Dinner is served - in front of the tv for Top Chef.}

{Chicago brew & Top Chef viewing.}



Read & a birthday.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Thanks to me (hehe), my mom now owns My Father's Daughter and FOOD & WINE's 2011 Best of the Best Cookbook Recipes

{Gotta love Gwenyth.}

{FOOD & WINE knows best.}

Can't wait for my mom to pass along her fav recipes!


Read & Panama.

I just found out I am heading to Panama in March (right before my Florida trip - base tan, check!) for a work trip.

{Panama hat courtesy of my office.}

All my friends are making fun of me, but I really feel like I cannot be prancing around in a bikini on a business trip, and therefore am on the hunt for a cute one piece.  (Who knows if we'll even have time to throw on our suits...but then seriously what is the point of taking us all down to Central America?!)

A few one-pieces I am thinking about (sadly, none of them are Speedos).

{J. Crew heart throb tank.  So cute.}

{J. Crew bandeau tank.}



Read & a Valentine.

Due to my love of Tabasco sauce, I couldn't resist this card for P.


Happy Valentine's Day!



Read & a recipe.

Always a good staple: tomato & mozzarella salad.  I saw these heirloom tomatoes at Whole Foods this weekend and had to bring a few home with me.

{Heirloom tomatoes.}




Read & Doughnut Vault.

Today I have to say goodbye to a coworker (and great friend) in the office, so I thought a box of doughnuts could cheer up the day.

I woke up bright and early and headed down to the Doughnut Vault to stand in line for their infamous treats.  At 7:55 a.m. (they open at 8:30), I was the very first in line - pretty cool - and by 8:25, there was literally a line around the block.

{Doughnut Vault.}

{Bright and early.}

{Begging me to open the box...}

{Vanilla glazed, red velvet & old fashioned.}

Definitely worth the wait.



Read & a short wish list.

Would like to add these to my closet.  If only my birthday weren't 5 months away...




Read & a recipe.

After a healthy lunch of Pirate's Booty (crazy day at work...clearly just ate what I found in my desk), it was time for some protein and a vegetable.

{Cherry tomatoes & garlic.}

{Chicken with lemon & lemon pepper.}

{Grilled chicken with roasted tomatoes and garlic - & lemon.}

Thank goodness for leftovers.  Healthy (and normal) lunch tomorrow!



Read & work clothes.

I am in need of a work clothes revamp for my closet.  A little tired of trying to spice up black dresses and pants every day at the office, I ventured to J.Crew to pick up two new pieces to give my wardrobe a kick in the butt.

{Teddie & Jules dresses.}

{I love the fit - I have this dress in two other patterns / colors - oops!}

{Zipps detail.}

This should hopefully tide me over until spring...

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